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Bariatric surgeon, business owner, health and wellness coach, public speaker, author, consultant, and weight loss expert Dr. Franchell Hamilton is a woman of many titles. Her time as a bariatric surgeon and weight loss expert has awarded her the fluency in identifying the follies of human nature, and how best to overcome them. She focuses her career on these areas and has masterfully produced books, presentations, and a consulting program around the topic.


Why the brain is the most powerful tool for weight loss and other chronic conditions

  • Understanding the brain science behind our current habits

  • How to rewire our brain to achieve better health

  • The areas of the brain that affect chronic medical conditions

Epigenetics and the role of lifestyle and environment on causing chronic disease

  • Explaining why the myth that our genes dictate our health is not true
  • What is the difference between genes and epigenetics
  • How to prevent our unhealthy genes from being switched on and affecting our health

How chronic stress and other social determinants can directly cause chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity

  • Discussing how and why discrimination can play a role in developing chronic conditions
  • Explaining how our childhood can affect our medical conditions as an adult
  • Understanding what we can do to ensure our environment does not negatively affect our health

“Dr. Hamilton is so incredible. The knowledge base she brought to the stage was so enlightening. I loved the thought process, it made me rethink the way I think.”

Julie S.

“As a gastric bypass patient myself, I wish had I had her in my life 14 years ago when I took that step. You should hire Dr. Hamilton, read her book, and listen to her philosophy, it will change your life. “

Toni T.



Dr. Hamilton welcomes the opportunity for public presentations, speaking engagements, and event attendance.

Below you can find some of her recent interviews and episodes from her podcast, “Your Health Transformed: The Journey To Become a New You”.

PODCAST: Your Health Transformed

RADIO: The Americlin Communication Academy (ACA)

Dr. Hamilton is the Assistant Chief Medical Correspondent for ACA. Each day at 9, noon, and 3, Fellows of the Academy provide coronavirus pandemic updates regarding statistics, vaccines, testing, treatment, and guidance on WVGB-FM Praise 94.5. You listen on your radio or the Praise 94.5 App.


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