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Transformation Is A Mind-Set

Bariatric surgeon, business owner, health and wellness coach, public speaker, author, consultant, and weight loss expert, Dr. Franchell Hamilton is a woman of many titles. Her time as a bariatric surgeon and weight loss expert has awarded her the fluency in identifying the follies of human nature, and how best to overcome them. She focuses her career on these areas and has masterfully produced books, presentations, and a consulting program around the topic.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Bariatric Surgeon/Author/Consultant

Here Are A Few Recent Episodes & Guest Appearances

Dr. Franchell Hamilton’s interview on The Frankie Boyer show.

Listen as Dr. Franchell Hamilton speaks with Frankie Boyer about our current diets and lifestyles. Dr. Hamilton covers content from both of her books. And The Best Diet Is… is a quick and easy read that touches on many of the current diet trends and breaks down the details of each. Transformation Is A Mind-Set, covers many of the root issues that keep people from reaching their goals, whether they are weight-related or not.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton’s interview with Lenny Green on The Quiet Storm

Listen as Dr. Franchell Hamilton speaks about the obesity rate in the black community and how it affects their health. After years as a weight loss surgeon, Dr. Hamilton shares the keys to long term life change from her book Transformation is a Mind-Set. She spent years helping her patients understand the many different factors (mental, behavioral, medical and environmental) that can hold them back from making the goals a reality.

Ask The Experts Dr. Franchell Hamilton A Better Weigh Center

Dr. Franchell Hamilton’s interview on Ask The Experts on Talk Radio 1190, Dallas. Listen as she explains the different types of weight loss surgeries/procedures and discusses how her program’s holistic approach doesn’t just focus on the surgery.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton’s Interview on the Mindset Motivator Challenge

Dr. Hamilton joined other health and wellness experts for a week-long seminar, the Mindset Motivator Challenge. Listen to her part of the program, an interview with Christina Turner.

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Her first brainchild, the 4 Pillars of Transformation, offers a turnkey program for any healthcare professional to adopt weight loss and wellness services into their practice. Dr. Hamilton models the program after seeing its continual success in her work, and its profound results have inspired her to share it with others.

While her passion for fostering change in the obesity epidemic first began during her years as a bariatric surgeon, she continued the work in her two published books.

And The Best Diet Is… plainly lays out the best and brightest of diets that nearly every person in your weight loss social circle has tried, or will try. She details the pros and cons of each so that for once, dieters will not have to navigate the weight loss world with blinders on. And The Best Diet Is… removes those blinders for a clear path to weight loss success.

Considering one of her main stipulations of weight-loss fulfillment lies beyond the dinner plate, she expounds on the keys to managing obesity and a healthy weight in her sophomore publication, Transformation Is a Mind-Set. Originally written as a guide for those struggling with obesity, Dr. Hamilton quickly realized her blueprint for weight loss success can be applied universally, to nearly any hardship. Read her book as she unabashedly points out what keeps us from our goals, and how to make the goal line that much closer in reach.

If books are not your avenue of choice, Dr. Hamilton welcomes the opportunity for public presentations, speaking engagements, and event attendance. Below you can find some of her various interviews, articles, and information on her podcast, Your Life Transformed, The Journey To Become a New You.

If you would like Dr. Hamilton in your armchair for a healthy conversation, eye-opening discussion, and for a fun Interview, contact her!