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Your Life Transformed Podcast

As Dr. Hamilton continued to implement the 4 Pillars into her practice, she soon realized that such a treatment would benefit from more time spent in discussion with each patient. But with conflicting patient-provider schedules, coverage battles with insurance companies, and personal barriers that prevent honest conversations from taking place, Dr. Hamilton recognized the need for a platform where she could discuss such issues at length. Never one to settle, Dr. Hamilton created a new podcast to do just that. In Your Life Transformed: The Journey to Becoming a Better You, Dr. Hamilton speaks about the issues that matter most to patients. Through this new platform, she is given the opportunity to extend her in-office discussions to commutes home, during dinner prep, and so on. That pivotal time allows Dr. Hamilton to reinforce the work done in her practice and ensure that it is here to stay. It is through these honest conversations on her podcast that her patients receive supplementary material to continue down the path of lasting results for the life they desire. And Dr. Hamilton walks the path with them. From topics like sugar cravings to addiction, abuse, and self-care, Dr. Hamilton takes us on the journey to living our best life. A life not defined by exorbitance, but enjoyable to its fullest extent because patients are no longer plagued by exhaustion or health conditions that prevent them from creating experiences they never want to forget.

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It is through her 4 Pillars of Transformation, Ziglar Legacy speaking events, private practice, podcast, and books that Dr. Hamilton provides us with the tools necessary to emerge educated, enlightened, and transformed.